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The Legacy Session is designed to document the legacy your grandparents and parents have created and immortalize your family history through the power of portraiture and documentary photography.

This session is split into two parts:
1) Posed and unposed portraits
2) Documentary storytelling

Before the session, you will provide me with a list of all of the combinations of portraits that you would like. For example, grandparents with grandkids, each individual family unit, all the cousins together, parents with their adult kids, parents only etc.

I will then go off this list and shoot portraits of each combination. You will receive a mix of portraits where everyone is looking at the camera as well as ones that have a more candid feel as I direct you and bring out your personalities.

It's important to remember that the more combinations you have, the more time it takes which takes time away from Part 2 of the session.

After the portraits are done, we will move onto Part 2, the documentary portion of the shoot, in which your family will go about your day and I act like a fly on the wall.

For this part, I recommend doing an activity you typically do as a group that is meaningful to you.

For example, here are some ideas:

  • annual bocce ball tournament

  • family picnic

  • game night

  • baking together

  • traditional lunch

  • Sunday family dinner

  • annual tomato sauce making

  • annual pierogi making

  • anniversary party

  • afternoon at the cottage