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I offer something for every kind of parent.

Everyday Life

'I want real photos of us being together.'

Family documentary sessions designed to tell your family story in a really easy and natural way.

First Year

'We're having a baby!'

3+ family sessions during your baby's first year of life. Newborn, sitting up, crawling,'s all documented.

Best Friend

'I am a pawrent.'

Documentary sessions designed to tell the story of the special relationship between you and your four-legged best friend(s). 

'THEY ARE SO GOOD!!! Thank you so much! Andrew and I were saying how great it was to just hang out and be with the family. Our lives get so busy sometimes and it was nice just to have a focus on the kids and dog and be outside and just be together! Worth the investment and photos of our family in it's entirety that we will have forever.' -Alison


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