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Whatever your family dynamic is, your pet is a family member and the bond you share with them deserves to be documented.

The Best Friend Session is designed to document you with your pet(s) in your home and surrounding area as you go about your day. The goal of this session is to capture their personality, routine and the quirky behaviours they exhibit when they're with you. 


These are the photos that are impossible for you to take because you are in them. Your role is to go about your daily life with your four-legged pal and my job is to tell your story.

Whether you have a dog, cat, horse, goats...whatever animal is in your family and has a piece of your heart, they are welcome in front of my camera.

​Photography allows us to press pause and gives us the gift of freezing time.


It gives us those moments you want to remember forever.


Ideas for a Best Friend Session


Here are a few suggestions of things you might do on an average day with your pet that would be fun to document:


  • the morning routine 

  • fun at the cottage

  • walk to your local coffee shop

  • a walk through your favourite park

  • the afternoon routine

  • a bath and brush

  • Dinner time

  • kids painting the dogs nails

  • A Sunday morning at the barn

  • A horse show!