Wedding Photos Your Grandkids Will Want To Frame!

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Your Wedding Story

For me, the best kind of wedding photography is a living thing that shimmers with the soul of happiness itself. It’s the beginning of a long and beautiful story.


That’s what my clients and I believe in.


They always tell me they can feel the

energy and essence of their happy day in my work.
And it’s what I will do for you and your wedding, I promise.

I bring a particular way of working to the party.

I’m quiet and unobtrusive. You’ll hardly know I’m there. 
I work with natural light in an intimate photo-journalistic style. It’s the key to how I capture the authenticity and emotion of your moments. If you’re creative and fun and embrace doing things with a twist then chances are you
and I look at life through the same lens.


Chances are the wedding you imagine for yourself is more special than the usual stuffy banquet-hall numbers so many people default to.

Chances are you already value the importance of wedding photography that is as fresh and unexpected as your wedding itself.


If that’s you, then let’s get together
and create something perfect together.

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By The Hour

If you're unsure of how long you might need coverage for, I'm here to help determine this for you.



  • consultation before wedding

  • time spent at wedding

  • all post production of final images

  • online gallery with final high res images

*HST Not Included

Destination Wedding

A destination wedding is any wedding in which I need to take a plane/train/boat to. 

I don't offer a specific destination wedding package. Let's chat to figure out the perfect amount of coverage for your special celebration.

My cost of travel is not included in the above rates and will be extra as well as 3 nights of accommodation.

(2 nights prior to wedding* and the night of).

*depending on time change. For weddings with a time change 3 hours and greater from EDT, extra nights may be required.

Alex Neary of Wild Eyed Photography was easily the best wedding
decision we made. We are nerdy and generally not photogenic, and were nervous about how wedding photos would turn out. Alex was a godsend. Her photos were artistic and yet really real. She somehow made us look like the best versions of ourselves while still faithfully capturing our personality. The photos are not just beautiful, but when I look at them, the joy jumps off the image. When we looked through our photos, we kept saying to each other "Wow, this one is amazing!" at each one!

Every time I look at a photo, it matches the slightly golden-hued memory I have in my mind. We also really wanted lots of pictures of our loved ones laughing, dancing, and enjoying being together, and were overjoyed with all the moments we didn't see that day, but were able to relive with the pictures.

- Trevor and Michelle

We are so grateful for connecting and working with Alex on our Fairytale Wedding in Harbour Island, Bahamas.  Alex had the perfect balance of guidance and positivity during our initial meetings in Toronto and we knew she would be the perfect fit for our Bahamian wedding.  During our wedding week Alex was unobtrusive, creative, fun and game for anything, exactly what we needed! She was able to capture every special moment of our wedding and took so many beautiful pictures without pulling us away from our day.  

Thank you Alex, you captured "us" perfectly.


  -Jess and Dave

What is a reveal and should we do one?


A reveal is when you and your partner see each other before the ceremony. There are a couple reasons to choose to do this. 1) It allows you to enjoy your day in a more relaxed manner. By seeing each other before the ceremony, we will then do your portraits beforehand which means you won't have to be pulled away after the ceremony. You will be free to enjoy your cocktail hour with your friends and family. 2) Seeing each other for the first time is incredibly sweet and intimate. By doing a reveal, it is just you, your partner and me at a distance. You are able to soak in the moment whereas if you wait until the ceremony, you aren't really able to press pause for that moment.

A reveal is a great idea if your wedding is a bit more traditional and your ceremony and reception are taking place at the same venue. By doing a reveal and your portraits before the ceremony, it means you will be able to join your guests at the cocktail hour.


Ok, that sounds good but I'm worried it will take away from us seeing each other at the ceremony.


Doing a reveal before the ceremony and then seeing each other again as you walk down the aisle are two completely separate moments. By seeing each other beforehand, it will not take away from that moment on the aisle. It will still be emotional and so special, I promise.

We're super awkward in photos. Help!

Don't worry about being awkward! I have tricks up my sleeve to ease your nerves and create natural images! You've hired a pro who knows her sh*t. 


Will you capture every single guest at the wedding?


While I do my absolute best to make this happen, I cannot guarantee that you will receive images of each individual guest. 

Who picks the photos for the albums?

My job is to make this process as easy peasy for you. I can design the book with the images that I feel best tell the story of your family in a layout that best displays them OR you can choose if you'd prefer to. Once I have the layout designed, I then send you the spreads to review and approve for the book. It never gets sent to print until you've approved it.

What is the process in organizing the wedding photo timeline with you?

About 6 weeks before your wedding, I will send you a questionnaire which has ALL of the questions I need to know. Once I have it back, we will have a meeting in person or via Skype/Hangouts and go over everything and put together a timeline. I generally work with the one you already have and we adjust accordingly together to make a timeline that is as easy and stress free as possible.

Do you use a second shooter?

No. I've been shooting weddings for 10 years now and have never used a second shooter. I know weddings like the back of my hand and know when and where I need to be to get the shot. Having a second shooter would hinder my process.

Will we do formal family portraits?


Yes! We will schedule a 20 minute time-slot at the beginning of cocktail hour (or before the ceremony). In the questionnaire I have you fill out, you will give me all of the combos of family portraits you'd like. 

How many images will we receive?

This is something I can't give a specific answer to because there are so many variables. The final image count is reliant on multiple factors such as, how many guests, length of coverage, if there is a wedding party, how many family photo combinations you want, how long your ceremony is etc. 

On average, an 8 hour wedding will result in roughly 600 final images.

I do believe in quality over quantity and only deliver the best of the best.

What if it rains?

If it rains, we'll make the most of it! I've shot a few weddings in which it has rained and the couple decided to stick with their plan for an outdoor ceremony. It made for a hugely memorable experience and really great photos! For your portraits, I will try my best to find a backup location if the weather forecast isn't looking so hot.

We're sold! How do we book you?


Simply send me an email with which option you’re interested in booking. I will send you a contract to review as well as an invoice for the retainer fee to secure your session date.

** You have a choice of payment plan**

1) 50 / 50

50% retainer due upon booking
50% remainder due upon session 




2) 40 / 30 / 30

A 40% retainer is due upon booking

The second payment is due between the time of booking and date of session.

The final payment is due upon session.


I will send you invoices for all payments which can be paid via e-transfer.