Why do we take photos?

Plain and simple, to remember.

Photos have the power to bring us back to a time and place in the past. Attached to a photo is a sense memory that when you look at it, you can relive that moment with your senses.


 One of the hardest facts of life is that we will outlive our pets.

They aren't around for nearly as long as we'd like.

Our pets are our best friends.

They're always there for us and it's so hard knowing

that our time with them is limited.

Why not freeze this time through photography?

Whatever your family dynamic is, your pet is a family member and the bond you share with them deserves to be documented.

The Best Friend Session is designed to document you with your pet(s) in your home and surrounding area as you go about your day. The goal of this session is to capture their personality, routine and the quirky behaviours they exhibit when they're with you. 


These are the photos that are impossible for you to take because you are in them. Your role is to go about your daily life with your four-legged pal and my job is to tell your story.

Whether you have a dog, cat, horse, goats...whatever animal is in your family and has a piece of your heart, they are welcome in front of my camera.

Photography allows us to press pause and gives us the gift of freezing time.


It gives us those moments you want to remember forever.

Here's how it works:

1. You book The Best Friend Session

2. I come to your desired location

3. You go about your day with your pet(s)

4. I document it all

5. You receive the digital images and a family photo album

Ideas for a Best Friend Session


Here are a few suggestions of things you might do on an average day with your pet that would be fun to document:


  • the morning routine 

  • fun at the cottage

  • walk to your local coffee shop

  • a walk through your favourite park

  • the afternoon routine

  • a bath and brush

  • Dinner time

  • kids painting the dogs nails

  • A Sunday morning at the barn

  • A horse show!

The ideas are endless!

What ordinary moments do you want to remember?


3 hours - $1800*

Example time-frame: 8-11am or 4-7 pm 



  • Travel to location within 100km from Toronto

  • All post production

  • Online gallery for viewing images

  • Digital collection of high res images to download (minimum 75)

Stuffed Kong

5 hours - $3000*

Example time-frame:
7am-noon or 3-8pm

So much happens in five hours that goes unnoticed, it creates such a memorable story!



  • Travel to location within 100km from Toronto

  • All post production

  • Online gallery for viewing images

  • Digital collection of high res images to download (minimum 120)

This option is ideal for families who want a true day in the life documented. Also recommended for multiple pets and for shy/fearful animals



  • Travel to location within 100km from Toronto

  • All post production

  • Online gallery to view images

  • Digital collection of high res images to download
    (minimum 200)


Marrow Bone

8 hours - $4800*

Puppy's First Year!

Bringing your puppy home is so exciting! They're so tiny and cute and before you know it, you have a teenager dog and then all of a sudden they're an adult!

That first year of puppyhood flies by, why not have it documented with three separate sessions?

The first week home // 6 months old // 1st birthday

(4 payments of $800)



  • 3 separate 3hr documentary sessions

  • Travel to location within 100km from Toronto

  • All post production

  • Online gallery to view images and download high res files per session

*HST not included

What you're going to do with your images is perhaps the most important aspect to consider when you're planning for a photo session, but it's all too often the aspect that's overlooked... all that time and money invested deserve a better return than photos gathering dust on a hard drive somewhere. You'll never get the same feeling looking at your photos on a screen as you will seeing them on your wall or flipping through the pages of an album, so I include a substantial print credit with every collection.


Below is a sample of some of the items you can choose among:

Hand-torn prints that are truly unique with a rich and textured finish. Each print is carefully torn to reveal a soft feathered edge that adds a beautiful softness to each image. These archival prints are printed on fine art matte paper using the finest pigment based inks.


5x7 / $50

8x10 / $80


Your favourite images are professionally printed on archival quality photo paper with your choice of a semi-gloss or deep matte finish. These full bleed prints are available in a variety of sizes, and are perfect for framing and hanging on the wall or giving as a special gift.


5x7 / $25

8x10 / $50

11x14 / $70


These lovely hard cover books are printed on smooth silk paper (250gsm). Layout and design options are limited only by your imagination, and can be further customized with your choice of linen covers and custom foiled letters.


10 spreads (20 pages) are included in the price below.

Additional spreads (1 spread = 2 pages)

can be added for $20 each.

10x10" / $500

12x12” / $600


I already take a bajillion photos of my pet(s) every day. Why should I hire you?


Out of all of those photos of your pets, how many are YOU in that aren't selfies? It truly isn’t something we often think about, but when that time comes, you will want to have photos of you and your pet together. Does your dog lie on top of you when he sleeps? Does your cat drape herself across your shoulders? Does your horse nuzzle their nose into your coat pocket? I will be there to take those photos. And SO many more!


I really want to do family photos with the pet. Is this possible?


Here’s the thing, family photos with your pet are different than a pet session and here’s why. In order to accurately document your animal and your bond, I need to place all of my focus on them with you being the accessory to the photos. When we do a family session and the pet is there, the focus is on your family and the pet is an accessory. Of course your family will be involved in this session, but the focus will be on your four legged buddy.


How do we obtain the high res files?

When your photos are ready for viewing, I will send you an online gallery. You can download the high res files straight off the gallery to your computer.  


I’m interested but I’m a little worried my family is too boring for this. What if there’s nothing to shoot?


Boring makes my heart sing because what is seemingly boring to you is very beautiful to me. It is often in the everyday, mundane tasks that great images and stories lie. Before the actual session, we will have come up with a plan of action for activities to document, so don’t worry, there will be plenty to document.

Will you come to our cottage? What is your travel fee?


Yes, I will come anywhere you want me to! My fee for travel outside of a 100km radius from Toronto is 0.75c/km. Any flights to destinations too far to drive will be an extra cost.

Ok, this isn’t a question but my dog is insane and will jump on you and bark at you!


That's ok! Seriously. I worked at a dog daycare for 10 years. I am well versed in dog behaviour and I know how to get your dog to be on my side. When I enter your home, I won't pay a ton of attention to them and this will establish to them that I’m of no threat and kind of boring. With time, they will ignore me and my camera and will behave the way they do when I’m not there. This also applies to shy animals. My aim in this isn’t to be best friends with your pet, it’s to best tell your story and the way I do this is by paying no attention to them. It works, trust me.


I’m sold! How do I book you?

 Simply send me an email with which option you’re interested in booking. I will send you a contract to review as well as an invoice for the retainer fee to secure your session date.

** You have a choice of payment plan**

1) 50 / 50

50% retainer due upon booking
50% remainder due upon session 




2) 40 / 30 / 30

A 40% retainer is due upon booking

The second payment is due between the time of booking and date of session.

The final payment is due upon session.


I will send you invoices for all payments which can be paid via e-transfer.

You will never regret investing in

really great photography,

but you will regret not.

What are you waiting for?