Legacy Session

The Legacy Session is designed to document the legacy your grandparents and parents have created and immortalize your family history through the power of portraiture and documentary photography.

The Legacy Session

The invention of the smartphone has made our lives so much easier. One thing that has been made easy is taking photos of our loved ones. You probably take at least 10 photos a day of your kids but...


How many do you have of your parents? Or of your grandparents? Or of your siblings?

How many photos will your kids have of their grandparents

when they're adults?

This is where The Legacy Session will help you.

As you get older, so does everyone in your family.
It's time to document everyone together and immortalize your family history though a visual story. It's time to create something that can be handed down to the generations to come. 

This session is designed to create portraits and
a story by dividing it into two parts.

Part 1 is where I create posed and unposed portraits.

Part 2 is where I tell your family story with a documentary approach.

My promise to you is that after your session, you will have peace of mind knowing that you and your kids now have a family album full of really good family photos of each member of your family.

Here's how it works:

1. You book The Legacy Session

2. I come to your desired location

3. Your family spends time together

4. I document it all

5. You receive beautiful images of your family

Ideas for The Legacy Session

The Legacy Session is split into two parts:

1) Posed and unposed portraits

2) Documentary storytelling 


Here are a few suggestions of things you might do together
that would be fun to document for Part 2:


  • annual bocce ball tournament

  • family picnic

  • game night

  • baking together

  • traditional lunch

  • Sunday family dinner

  • annual tomato sauce making

  • annual pierogi making

  • anniversary party

  • afternoon at the cottage

  • birthday party

Option 1

2 hours - $1200*

This option is best for families with up to 15 members.



  • Travel to location within 100km from Toronto

  • All post production

  • Online gallery to view images

  • Collection of high res images

(minimum 75) 

Option 2

3 hours - $1600*

This options is best for families with 15+ members.




  • Travel to location within 100km from Toronto

  • All post production

  • Online gallery to view images

  • Collection of high res images
    (minimum 100) 

Option 3

5 hours- $2200*

This option is perfect for any size family who wants more emphasis placed on the documentary portion of the session.



  • Travel to location within 100km from Toronto

  • All post production

  • Online gallery to view images

  • Collection of high res images
    (minimum 200) 

    *HST Not Included

Who picks the combinations for the posed portraits?


You do! Before your session, I will ask you for a list of all of the combinations you would like. Once I receive it back, we will then discuss if it should be edited down. The more portraits there are, the more time it takes which means the less time there is for Part 2 of the session. 


What if the portraits end up taking longer than we anticipated and there isn't much time left for Part 2?


Sometimes things happen and it takes longer to complete Part 1. I always do my best to accomplish the portraits in a timely fashion but if it appears it's taking longer than originally anticipated, I will let you know. In this case, you are welcome to add on an additional hour of coverage at $300/hr to extend Part 2.

Why are there different packages based on family size?


Essentially it comes down to time. The more family members there are and the more family dynamics there are, the more time it takes to document the portraits. In order to make sure you receive all of the portraits you want AND tell a decent story during Part 2, more time is needed.


Will you come to our cottage? What is your travel fee?

Yes, I will come anywhere you want me to! My fee for travel outside of a 100km radius from Toronto is 0.75c/km. Any flights to destinations too far to drive will be an extra cost as well as accommodation.

Can we buy an album?

Yes! In your gallery with your digital images, there is a shop with beautiful products to buy.

I’m sold! How do I book you?

Simply send me an email with which option you’re interested in booking. I will send you a contract to review as well as an invoice for the retainer fee to secure your session date.

** You have a choice of payment plan**

1) 50 / 50

50% retainer due upon booking
50% remainder due upon session 




2) 40 / 30 / 30

A 40% retainer is due upon booking

The second payment is due between the time of booking and date of session.

The final payment is due upon session.


I will send you invoices for all payments which can be paid via e-transfer.


Are you ready to book
The Legacy