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When a topic generates heated social discussion, it may be beneficial to evaluate it from a variety of angles. More precisely, it is impossible for persons living in a society or community to assess the issues that divide that community objectively. The fight over gun regulation is a classic case. On the one hand, millions demand stricter gun control laws, and many are driven by the virtual pandemic of school massacres. On the other hand, there is a strong belief that the Second Amendment guarantees all Americans the freedom to bear arms. When Machiavelli and Lao-Tzu apply their ideas, the setting reveals a startling reality. As the following demonstrates, both Machiavelli's ruthlessly pragmatic thinking and Lao-Eastern, Tzu's humanist philosophy would advocate for gun restriction as vital for what each views as a stable, sound society. NOTE: Having confusion about the introduction. Get assistance in creating an introduction from a credible essay writing service. Professional help is always beneficial.


It is logical to imagine that Machiavelli would oppose gun restriction, if only because much of his thinking is defined by power relations. As The Prince makes very apparent, he considers that authority, regardless of how it is obtained, bears the responsibility to safeguard and sustain its control. This generally applies to all citizens, but especially to those possessing property, who should be equipped to protect it. Machiavelli is, as previously stated, doggedly pragmatic and essentially unconcerned with moral questions apart from their power relationship.

Additionally, it is reasonable to think that he would favor citizen access to firearms if the society desired it and the leader's interests were benefited by facilitating the people in public. However, such a vision undermines Machiavelli's most fundamental belief that the Prince must be in ultimate power. An armed citizen, not simply as a reward for the people, would strike him, but as a menace to the State. Machiavelli, to put it bluntly, does not have faith in the common man. NOTE: The main body should consist of 3-4 paragraphs. As a professional essay writer, you should only explain one argument per paragraph. This will increase the readability of your essay.

The successful state exists only under the direction of a wiser force, who sees this as the proper order of human life. He also has no sympathy for tiny violent acts, like those that occurred frequently in Florence, primarily because such conflict is a dangerous representation of popular will. Control is necessary for both the orderly state and the Prince's power. Armed citizens become a threat, which cannot be promoted or condoned.

If Machiavelli were ever to read the Second Amendment in the United States, he would insist on the military as controlled above all else, because a thriving civic life requires a powerful military. He is aware of one reality: no proportion exists between an armed and an unarmed individual. Because the Prince must wield the greatest authority for the greater good of all, he must also be the sole armed man. There is many essay writer are available on the internet.

Concerning Lao-Tzu, the agreement with Machiavelli is then concluded, however, it has a different connotation based on different perspectives. With Lao-Tzu, the gun control or the way it felt about it, is a fascinating dualism. On 1 level, he maintains that the Tao surpasses human concepts of right and wrong. This could be a reference to gun control, implying that humanity's little crimes are all a part of a bigger reality uninterested in such issues. On some other level, though, the basic difference between the two thinkers persists, leading Lao-Tzu to agree with Machiavelli from such a profoundly different standpoint.

Lao-Tzu is focused on humanity's spiritual elements, in contrast to Machiavelli's emphasis on design and order. While he may situate human behavior within a backdrop of universal causes beyond human control, he would never advocate for anything that would allow people to act in ways that violate the sanctity of life. Violence should always have a single outcome: the spawning of other violence. He'd probably have regarded eased gun restrictions as enticing to mankind, given his focus on the value of people comprehending universal energies and their mortal vulnerability. Nonetheless, the most likely scenario is he'll be intolerant of any encouragement of owning guns because it contradicts the fundamentals of the I Ching. Possessing a gun would be a step further away from peace with the cosmos, and the weapon will be a representation of the ego that lies based on what is referred to as evil. What emerges is that Lao-Tzu might support gun regulation, even though his reasoning is opposed to Machiavelli's.

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In the United States, gun control is expected to be an indefinitely divided issue, considering how the topic causes a strong reaction of indignation by supporters and opponents. Applying the ideas of two completely different philosophers to the problem creates an odd likelihood that shows agreement. Machiavelli's commitment to protecting ultimate authority would almost certainly back gun restriction that denies the people their rights to bear arms. Lao-Tzu, on the other hand, would reject open gun availability from a humanist perspective, because it would violate the universal order's correctness and would only promote the evil of personality. Although the men's ideologies are opposed, one truth unites them. Both Machiavelli's uncompromising pragmatic principles and Lao-Eastern, Tzu's spiritual philosophy would endorse gun restriction is vital for a stable, sound society, as each thinker defines it.

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