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VitaminDeck is in Pakistan and When it comes to their health and how they live, the vast majority of individuals simply don't care. So VitaminDeck's Goal Is to Supply The World's Finest Products And Inform Consumers About How Crucial They Are To Their Own And Their Families' Health. We understand that providing our customers with the vitamins and supplements they need on a daily basis is an important part of ensuring their health and happiness. The only prenatal multivitamin available, One A Day Prenatal Advanced, contains a great amount of choline, which helps to support the development of the baby's brain and spinal cord. An excellent source of folic acid, which will help to boost the mental development of the newborn. Included in this product are 200 milligrams of DHA, an essential building block for the brain. Each serving consists of 2 pills: a multivitamin softgel (including folic acid, DHA, and iron), as well as a Choline tablet.


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