A Year With Edie

If you’re familiar with The First Year Package that I offer, then you know it is designed to document a baby and their family during their first year of life with four separate sessions. But what happens if you don’t do it? What if you forget to book it? Or what if the first year of your child’s life is spent in an unexpected way? Like in and out of the hospital. Such was the case for Edie and her parents, so they booked this package during her second year of life and it could not have been more perfect.

We did four sessions, from her first birthday to her second birthday

and they were each super unique.

  • The first session I documented a family dinner and bed time routine.

  • The second session was spent documenting a family breakfast and morning routine.

  • The third session we went to Sick Kids Hospital and I followed them around to their appointments

  • The fourth session was spent with Edie’s manny, Chris, where I documented their friendship.

I love this particular package with Edie and her parents because it so clearly shows that you can do a year long documentation at any age! It doesn’t just have to be from newborn to one year old, it can be from one to two or even six to seven, because at the end of the day, so much happens in one year, it’s all worth documenting and freezing and remembering.

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