Do you read to your kids?

Chances are, your answer is yes. 

There is probably a favourite book that always gets pulled out. Despite the wide selection of books, that one story that is memorized by everyone is the usual suspect.

Or perhaps your kids are older and into chapter books and they read you a nightly chapter of Captain Underpants.

Or maybe you've just introduced them to the wonderful world of Harry Potter.

Whatever the case may be, books are a part of their childhood.

As a family photographer, it is an activity I love to document for a few reasons. It's something that nearly every parent does with their kid and yet, each time I document it, it's different. Some parents are super animated and put on silly voices. Sometimes there's a specific part of the book that makes everyone burst into laughter. Sometimes there's an inside joke attached to a book. Sometimes a book can give you a lump in the throat (The Giving Tree does that for me).

In any instance, it's an activity that nearly every parent does with their kid and it holds meaning to them and it is my pleasure to document this everyday moment for my clients.

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