A 5 hour Everyday Life

This Everyday Life Session with Jen and her boys was everything

I could have dreamt up and more. Jen and her family moved to a hobby

farm last year and this past summer they had a bunch of baby goats running

around,so when she asked me to come and document her life, I jumped at the opportunity. The aim of the Everyday Life Session is to

document life how it is. Nothing posed or scripted, just your regular day. For Jen, I spent 5 hours with her family from 3-8pm.

We played with the goats, they picked veggies for their dinner and Jen cooked while the boys hung out. We then went outside to a local river they often swim in and then it was time to head home for quiet time before bed.

There were laughs and fun as well as tears and timeouts because this is what life with kids is like.

This is everyday.

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