Blake's First Year

The First Year Package

It lasts three hundred sixty-five days, fifty-two weeks,

twelve long months, and it’s over in an instant.

Your baby’s first year.

It’s a lifetime.

It’s a blink of an eye.

No year brings more change, more emotion, more joy than the first. So tiny and wrinkly and brand-new to begin. Your baby’s eyes are like dark pools of ocean water that leave you wondering what colour they’ll be. It is a time of milk comas and that newborn smell of fresh-baked cookies. It’s you and your partner thrust into unfamiliar territory.A place of long sleepless nights and doubt and a love deeper than anything you’d felt before.

And then your baby is four months old…

A drooling, smiling, laughing bundle of fat. It’s tummy time. A little person is starting to emerge. You might even see something of yourself in there. You’re feeling more confident now. You’re getting the hang of this thing called parenthood. And still your patience wears thin through all the exhaustion.

At eight months your little one isn’t so little.

Even chubbier and sitting up all by themselves. Your very own carpet worm. It’s a time for clapping and grabbing, a time when every

toy seems to go straight into a gummy mouth. And what are those poking through? Two teeth! The whole family is on a better schedule now. You’re finding your rhythm. You’re getting more rest. You can do this.

Happy first birthday, baby!

But perhaps not such a baby any more. A toddler is coming. Always on the move, maybe even taking those first tentative steps. So strong now and babbling a ‘language’ somehow only you can understand. You have a one-year old now. You and your partner did it!

You made it through that endless first year. You have no idea where the time went. Where did it go? Where did my baby go?

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