3 Hour Everyday Life Session

The Everyday Life Session is designed to document you with your kids going about your family life and creating images that are true to you. It’s spending 3 or 5 hours (or longer!) with you, documenting the moments that happen naturally, not telling you or the kids to do anything to ‘make the photo’ but instead letting everything happen organically as it would if I weren’t there. Why would you want these photos? The story that results is a time capsule of what life was like for you at this time. These images are infused with feeling and memories. And these photos and story are the kind that your kids will grow up and long to have of YOU. For this family, I spent 8am-11am with them. In this time, they made and ate breakfast, played around in pyjamas, got dressed, went to their local park and played, went to their local coffee shop, back to the park again, then home, had a bath and played around more. The resulting story is authentically 'them'.

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