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The Everyday Life Session

Did you know the single-most photographed

subject in the world is family?

Your family, my family, any family.

If a smart phone is on hand or a cheap camera is kicking around
we’ll always be taking pictures of our kids, parents and pets living their lives.


I’m talking about the fun stuff, the candid moments of the people
and animals we love with all their quirks and personality.
Each new image adds to the mother lode of memories we cherish.
Sometimes we’ll take family photography to a higher level.

We’ll hire a professional photographer for a portrait session.

And then something weird happens.

Parents scrub their children clean, slick back their hair, dress them
in matching outfits and stage their home like it's about to go on the market– 

it’s a miracle if the people in the final images resemble anything like a real family.

Well, I approach my photography differently.

I step into your world and get to know you.

Your life becomes my studio.


In my other life I was a nanny. I worked for years in a dog day care.

Kids and pets love me. And I love them.

Families come alive before my lens.

Everyone is natural and real.

I let kids be kids. Your love shines through.

There’s nothing fake or fabricated about my sessions.
Together we have fun and keep things real.

That’s what makes my work different.
It’s why my clients are so delighted with the results.

I’d be honoured to capture what makes your family special.

Here's how it works:

1. You book The Everyday Life Session

2. I come to your desired location

3. Your family lives their daily life

4. I document it all

5. You receive the digital images and memories to have forever and ever

What is the Everyday Life Session all about?

Your day is made up of many little moments that when they come together, they create a sequence and they tell a story.


This session is designed to do just that.


Tell your family story with everyone in it.

I am there to capture the ordinary everyday moments. The longer you are with me, the more natural moments will happen because the more time that goes by, the more likely all of you are to forget about the camera and just be yourselves.


Ideas for an Everyday Life Session


Here are a few suggestions of things you might do on an average day that would be fun to document:


  • hockey (or any sport) practise and the routine

  • pancake breakfast on the weekend

  • something seasonal like pumpkin picking & carving or apple picking 

  • baking together/arts and crafts/dress-up

  • the after school routine

  • washing the car

  • family reunion

  • snowman building, sledding and cozying up inside

  • decorating the Christmas tree

  • Sunday family dinner

  • family walks with the dog to the playground

  • your average summer afternoon

  • extra curricular activities and all that comes with that


The ideas are endless!

What ordinary moments do you want to remember?

'I get so busy sometimes chasing the extraordinary moments

that I don't pay attention to the ordinary moments.

The moments that, if taken away, I would miss more than anything.'

- Brené Brown

Option 1

45 minutes - $650*

This option is good for teenagers or families with one child



  • Travel to location within 100km from Toronto

  • All post production

  • Online gallery to view images

  • Includes minimum 30 high res images to download

Option 2

2 hours - $1200*

Example time-frame:

​Contrary to popular belief, more time is actually better for kids!




  • Travel to location within 100km from Toronto

  • All post production

  • Online gallery to view images

  • Includes minimum 60 high res images to download 

Option 3

5 hours- $3000*

Example time-frame:
7am-noon or 3-8pm

So much happens in five hours that goes unnoticed, it creates such a memorable story!



  • Travel to location within 100km from Toronto

  • All post production

  • Online gallery to view images

  • Collection of high res images to download to your computer
    (minimum 120) 

    *HST not included


As a mum it is very hard to wrangle two kids for photos, so this style of shoot was perfect for us. Just photographing us in our home, doing what we do every day. Yes it sounds mundane and imperfect, and it is but this is our life and these are the moments that can so easily be forgotten as time passes.


Having a typical day photographed to look back means more to me now than all of the posed and curated photos I have on Instagram.


I am getting used to seeing myself in photos where I didn't try to look like Im going to be in photos (aka no makeup or efforts to do hair). But the beauty of that is that I am in the process of loving myself for who I am, and loving my body decorated or undecorated, so this was just the best gift I could have. Seeing myself how my boys see me and how they love me, it's so meaningful.


You have no idea how much it means to me that you captured this time of me with my boys.

There is no way my kid(s) can be in front of the camera for 2+ hours!!!


That’s ok because you know what, they don’t have to be ‘in front’ of the camera! The beauty of this type of session is that they literally just have to be themself. They don’t have to be on their best behaviour, obeying every word I say because I won’t really be telling them to do anything. They just have to go about their daily life, being a kid, while I act like a fly on the wall and document it all.


Ok, but there’s no way my partner is going to want to be in front of the camera for that long!


This is actually the perfect type of session for the reluctant partner for much the same reason as above. They don’t have to do anything but be themselves and go about their daily life with their family. Seriously, after the first two hours, my camera will be forgotten about and you’ll receive images of moments you didn’t realize were being documented.

I’m interested but I’m a little worried my family is too boring for this. What if there’s nothing to shoot?


Boring makes my heart sing because what is seemingly boring to you is very beautiful to me. It is often in the everyday, mundane tasks that great images and stories lie. Before the actual session, we will have come up with a plan of action for activities to document, so don’t worry, there will be plenty to document.


Will you come to our cottage? What is your travel fee?

Yes, I will come anywhere you want me to! My fee for travel outside of a 100km radius from Toronto is 0.75c/km. Any flights to destinations too far to drive will be an extra cost.

Are grandparents and extended family allowed to be included?


Yes, for the 2, 3 and 5 hour sessions. These sessions are designed to tell your family story, so any family members you want included can be, up to a maximum of 8 people (babies included). Any more than 8 people and it's $25/pp to cover the extra images and editing. 

I’m sold! How do I book you?


Simply send me an email with which option you’re interested in booking. I will send you a contract to review as well as an invoice for the retainer fee to secure your session date.

** You have a choice of payment plan**

1) 50 / 50

50% retainer due upon booking
50% remainder due upon session 




2) 40 / 30 / 30

A 40% retainer is due upon booking

The second payment is due between the time of booking and date of session.

The final payment is due upon session.


I will send you invoices for all payments which can be paid via e-transfer.