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Helping Parents Get In The Picture

Photography for parents who know the importance of being in their family photos.

Did you know the single-most photographed

subject in the world is family?

Your family, my family, any family.





















Well, I approach my photography differently.

If a smart phone is on hand or a cheap camera is kicking around we’ll always be taking pictures of our kids, parents and pets living their lives.


I’m talking about the fun stuff, the candid moments of the people and animals we love with all their quirks and personality.


Each new image adds to the mother lode of memories we cherish.


Sometimes we’ll take family photography to a higher level. We’ll hire a professional photographer for a portrait session. 


And then something weird happens. Parents scrub their children clean, slick back their hair, dress them in matching outfits and head to the nearest portrait studio – an environment so stiff and contrived it's a miracle if the people in the final images resemble anything like a real family.

I step into your world and get to know you.

Your life becomes my studio.

In my other life I was a nanny.

I worked for years in a dog day care.

Kids and pets love me. And I love them.

Families come alive before my lens.

Everyone is natural and real.

I let kids be kids. Your love shines through.

There’s nothing fake or fabricated about my sessions.

Together we have fun and keep things real.
That’s what makes my work different.

It’s why my clients are so delighted with the results.

I’d be honoured to capture

what makes your family special.

Alex captured a day in our regular life so beautifully - nothing against family photo sessions where everyone gazes at one another whilst traipsing through fields of buckwheat and clover, but this, as they say, is us.

The tears, laughs, and bums.

in front of my camera since 2015

Family photos for parents who want more than just a pretty picture.

I offer four unique documentary sessions to help you get in the picture.

 I create art from your everyday life


Which session best describes you? 
Click on each image below to learn more.

Real nice words from real nice parents

father and son playing together, family documentary photography toronto

The Everyday Life

'I want real photos of us being a family.' 

Baby Ethan-54.jpg

The First Year

'I am having a baby.' 

pet photogragerman shepherd, border collie, dirt road, country, pet photographyhy, toronto

The Best Friend

'I am a pawrent.' 

mother and daughter, grandmothr having a momen

The Legacy Session

'I want photos of the whole family.' 


I love how happy I look. I'm usually very self-conscious, and in my head about my imperfect mom bod, my post-partum hair, and I never never NEVER smile with my teeth in photos  (not even on my

wedding day). Alex caught me enjoying my daughter unselfconsciously , and my smile is as real as it has ever been. There's one thing to know you enjoy your kid, there's another to see it.


Having Alex there from the early morning onward to capture our typical day, made me realize so many special moments happen that I easily let pass by. She captured the sweet looks my baby gives me, the laughter we share, the cheekiness and moods of my toddler, the slow moments of breastfeeding, the details and the beauty of motherhood.


EVERYONE probably says this, but I have probably close to 1500 photos on my phone since Ben was born and I'm probably in 50 of them, and 40 of them are crappy selfies!! My husband lost the photos on his phone recently, and he had taken a lot of the pictures of Ben and I that are now gone, so that makes having these images even more important/special!


Hi, I'm Alex

I'm so happy you're here!

I am a self taught photographer and I love my job.

I started Wild Eyed in 2010 after friends asked me to shoot their engagement photos which then led me to dressing my sisters up in my mum's wedding dress and taking photos of them so I could create some sort of portfolio. To this date, I have shot 75 weddings and over 450 family sessions. Clients have flown me around the world (India, Morocco and Peru to name a few places) to document their lives.

The older I get, the more I realize the importance of photography.

We take photos to remember.

The older I get, the more I find myself looking at my own family photos from when I was a kid and teen and wanting to see my family history in albums.


And now as an adult, I hire someone each year to document me with my pets (my little family) because I know, down the road, I will want to have these memories of us together.

I LOVE that I get to use my talent in this way.

It's an important job and I'm happy to help your family. 


Pausing Life & Freezing Time
through the power of family photography


If you're ready to pause life and freeze time, I'd love to help!

alex@wildeyed.ca  |  Tel: (416) 993-4162

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Bath Time

Adorable babies in the bath.

Need I say more?