Toronto Family Photographer

Mar 10 2017

Toronto Family Photographer

I love being a Toronto family photographer for so many reasons. I love kids and playing with them. I love watching families interact with each other and observing different family dynamics. I love being able to capture moments with my camera that parents will cherish for years to come. I love that when my wedding clients have babies, they invite me back into their lives to document their next chapter of life. I love taking portraits of newborns, babies, toddlers, kids, tweens, teens and young adults.

I have done a lot of newborn photography in the past six years. You can see some of my favourite sessions here and here. But what often amazes me is that we do the newborn session and then that’s it. I’ll often be rehired when the baby turns one and it always amazes me how much the kid has changed. I mean, obviously the kid has changed! But it started to get me thinking. What if I offered a package called The First Year? What if I could document a family four times over the course of the baby’s first year of life. From 4 weeks old to 4 months to 8 months and then 1st birthday. How cool would that be to document the growth and change in not only the child but the parents as well? So, I started to offer this package.

Ethan has been my first subject for this package and I am so proud of the story we’ve been able to tell about his first year. I love that you can not only see the growth in him physically but also developmentally. I was able to document him from an infant being breast fed to being spoon fed solids to feeding himself. I captured him being swaddled in his parents arms to standing on his tippy toes to walking on his own. I am so thrilled to finally be able to show you a complete series for this package.
As a Toronto family photographer, I am so eager to document more parents and their babies during their first year of life.

Without further adieu, here is Ethan’s First Year.


mother and father holding newborn

father looking at his newborn baby

mothers hands and baby feet

newborn baby holding onto mothers finger

naked baby bum

naked newborn baby

newborn baby sleeping on mothers chest

mother smelling her newborn baby

father holding sleeping baby

newborn sleeping on father

father holding his newborn baby sleeping

mother looking at sleeping baby

sleeping newborn baby

baby sleeping and stretching

crying newborn baby

baby sitting on small chair

baby sitting outside on quilt

mother helping baby to walk

mother passing baby to dad

family with baby sitting in backyard

dad and mom with baby in summer

mom holding baby close to cheek

mother breastfeeding her child

mother laughing and holding baby over shoulder

black and white photo of mom and baby

baby sitting in a bumbo

dad spoon feeding his baby

father feeding his child

baby eating solid food

baby making disgusted face

baby eating food

black and white portrait of baby on bed

black and white portrait of baby on stomach smiling

baby laughing on bed

toes of baby

family portrait with chocolate lab

autumn photo of baby standing

baby sitting on blanket in forest

baby being lifted in the air

teething baby chewing on toy

baby in a hat in forest

toddler on bed with parents

toddler with his parents

toddler reading a book

toddler reading good night moon

toddler proud of reading book

child playing peekaboo under covers

toddler playing in parents bed

toddler holding hands with parents

toddler lying down on bed

toddler in between mom and dad on bed

naked toddler in diaper

childs crossed legs

baby with legs in the air

toddler standing on bed

baby taking first steps

toddler walking towards mom

baby walking for the first time

one year old eating birthday cake

cake smash with baby

toddler taking a bath

baby getting ready for a bath

toddler waiting for bath

toddler having hair washed by mom

toddler with soap in eyes

baby having shampoo in eyes

baby in a bath

baby in a shower

baby reaching for camera

portrait of baby in bath

baby getting out of bath

naked baby bum

naked toddler on mothers lap

baby being hugged by mom with soother

toddler on dad's chest

toddler eating blueberries

toddler on dad's belly

toddler in high chair

baby reaching for berries

baby eating a cracker

newborn baby and toddler

spoon fed baby and feeding himself

newborn and dad compared to toddler and dad
newborn baby compared to one year old

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