What’s a wedding photograph to you? Is it a souvenir of a single event frozen in time? A pressed flower kept in an old book? Or is it something more?

I think it is.

For me, the best kind of wedding photography is a living thing that shimmers with the soul of happiness itself. It’s the beginning of a long and beautiful story. That’s what my clients and I believe in. They always tell me they can feel the energy and essence of their happy day in my work.

I bring a particular way of working to the party. I’m small and unobtrusive. You’ll hardly know I’m there. Some clients call me the phantom of the lens, like a Ninja.

I work with natural light in an intimate photo journalistic style. It’s the key to how I capture the authenticity and emotion of your moments. Please look at my work and you’ll see what I mean. But don’t let my images do all the talking. Check out what my clients say on this website.

If you’re creative and fun and embrace doing things with a twist then chances are you and I look at life through the same lens.

Chances are the wedding you imagine for yourself is more special than the usual stuffy banquet hall numbers so many people default to. Chances are you already value the importance of wedding photography that is as fresh and unexpected as your wedding itself.

If that’s you, then let’s get together and create something perfect together.