Being a Toronto newborn photographer has so many perks. I get to be invited into some incredibly beautiful and unique homes. As a kid, my favourite part about going trick or treating (aside from getting candy, duh) was looking inside people’s homes. I would like to think this made me a curious child who maybe appreciated interior design? Or just a nosy kid who liked to see the way people lived. Either way, as an adult I still like to look into people’s homes but now I don’t have to wait until Halloween. I am really hoping that as you’re reading this you’re agreeing with me and not thinking, ‘man, this lady sounds like a huge creep.’ For example, check out this newborn session and let’s all appreciate the beauty of their home.

Let’s move on.
Another perk of being a Toronto newborn photographer and let’s be honest, it is the number one perk, baaaaaaabiiiieeeesssss!
(I would like you to read that in the style of Oprah, so please go back and read that sentence again)
Babies are the best. The way they smell, the way they move, their expressions and noises. I love everything about babies. I especially love documenting all of those things with my camera.

When it comes to newborn sessions, I typically recommend to do the photos when the baby is between 4-6 weeks old. My approach to newborn photography is to keep it real and to document life with a new baby. (In other words, I don’t do babies in bowls.) While week old babies are adorable…they don’t really do much other than eat and sleep. When the baby is just that little bit older, they’re still teeny tiny but they’re awake longer and are starting to develop their personality. They are awake for longer intervals and their faces are a bit more expressive, providing for more variety in the photos. Having said all of that, I am in no way against doing a newborn session with a days old baby. If that is what you want, that is what we will do.

When Clara’s parents contacted me to do her newborn photos, we waited until she was 4 weeks old and I’m so happy with how they turned out. Nicole and Chris were so cute with their new daughter. You can just feel their happiness through these photos.