An intimate rainy day wedding on The Ross Ranch in Elkwater, Alberta 

Tay and Emily are my friends and ever since finding out that Emily’s family has a hobby ranch in Alberta,

it has long been on my wishlist of places to visit.

Here’s why:

3 dogs
2 donkeys
2 horses
1 ponkey
1 pony
2 sheep
2 cats
12 goats

They. All. Live. There.

So when they told me they were planning an intimate wedding on the ranch, I obviously had to shoot it.

In my opinion, everything about their day was perfect.

Rain at just the right times.
Animals everywhere.
A ceremony in the middle of the road.
Closest friends and family present to celebrate.

The recipe for the perfect wedding.

This is Tay and Emily’s story.


And then the sun came out for a miraculous 10 minutes.