Megan and I grew up together riding horses. We spent our child and teenhood (is that a word?) at the barn having the most fun. As life would have it, we lost track of each other after high school and only recently have been reunited thanks to Megan’s wedding photographer whom I am friends with. Thanks Tara!

Documenting my childhood friend’s first year with her baby was an incredible experience.
While I could talk forever about what I think these images mean to her, I’ll let Megan do the talking.

“Family photographs are so important to me. And yet, I am THE WORST at pulling out the camera, or even my phone, to take a picture and capture the moment. When you have a new baby the months just seem to slip by. And each month a baby changes so much it’s incredible. I remember thinking each and every month: “Ok, now this age is the best, she can’t get any cuter!” I also remember thinking: “Yikes, did I take enough photos to capture my sweet baby girl at this awesome stage?” And then I would remember ALEX IS COMING, PHEW!
I am so thankful we chose to book Alex to document our first year as parents. Alex came out to our house (AMAZING!!!) four times from when our sweet Mila Quinn was born right up to her first birthday. It is so cool to look back and see how much Mila grew and changed from each session to the next. Her sweet smile, her camera-loving personality and even her little naked butt!
When we thought about what kind of photos we wanted, we knew that the “slice of life” approach was what we were looking for. Seeing photos of our wrinkly crying newborn girl getting a sink bath in our kitchen brings me right back to the moment. ALL THE FEELS! There is nothing like the power of a photograph to unlock a flood of memories and emotions. The last year has been a such blur of newness, sleeplessness and constant change. I am so happy to have these photographs to bring us right back to each stage; to remember the joy of being parents for the first time; to see how our tiny baby turned into this amazing girl that we know today.
Thank you Alex for making photo sessions so easy, for taking such beautiful photographs, and for being such an important part of Mila’s first year!”

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