Did you know the single-most photographed subject in the world is family?
Your family, my family, any family.

If a smart phone is on hand or a cheap camera is kicking around we’ll always be taking pictures of our kids, parents and pets living their lives.

I’m talking about the fun stuff, the candid moments of the people and animals we love with all their quirks and personality.

Each new image adds to the mother lode of memories we cherish. Sometimes we’ll take family photography to a higher level. We’ll hire a professional photographer for a portrait session.

Parents scrub their children clean, slick back their hair, dress them in matching white shirts and jeans and head off to the nearest Sears portrait studio – an environment so stiff and contrived it’s a miracle if the people in the final images resemble anything like a real family.

Well, I approach my photography differently.

I step into your world and get to know you. Your life becomes my studio. In my other life I’m a nanny. I worked for years in a dog day care. Kids and pets love me. And I love them.

Families come alive before my lens. Everyone is natural and real. I let kids be kids. Your love shines through. There’s nothing fake or fabricated about my sessions.

Together we have fun and keep things real.

That’s what makes my work different. It’s why my clients are so delighted with the results.

I’d be honoured to capture what makes your family special.